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Within Newton County Schools' Nutrition Department, facilitating food safety and sanitation are critical ongoing processes that require strict adherence to standard operating procedures and training. The practice of Newton County Schools Food Safety Program is ongoing every school year. The program follows the USDA guidance which is based on the Process Approach to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (H.A.C.C.P) implementation. All standards in our food safety program are based on recommendations outlined in the United States Public Health Service 2017 Food Code.

Our Sanitation Scores         * Benchmark: 96 *

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Schools Dates Scores
Porterdale ES 01/23/20  100-A
02/18/21  91-A
Veterans MS 05/17/21  100-A
11/13/20 91-A
Indian Creek MS 05/14/21 91-A
11/30/20 100-A
Theme School at Ficquett  01/13/20  91-A
 12/07/20 100-A 
Alcovy HS  02/28/20  96-A
05/27/21 100-A
Heard Mixon ES 02/26/20 100-A
12/02/20 100-A 
Eastside HS  01/30/20 91-A
10/09/20 99-A 
Oak Hill ES  03/12/21 100-A
10/08/20 91-A
West Newton ES  05/17/21  100-A
11/13/20 91-A 
Cousins MS 03/24/21  100-A
10/08/20 100-A
Newton HS  04/14/21 100-A
10/30/20  100-A 
Rocky Plains 02/25/20  94-A
10/28/20 99-A 
Livingston  04/16/21 100-A
10/23/20 100-A
Mansfield  02/06/20 98-A
10/15/20  91-A
Middle Ridge 04/29/21  91-A
10/09/20 96-A 
South Salem 05/24/21  100-A
12/08/20  89-B
Live Oak  05/14/19 100-A
11/19/20  100-A
Flint Hill 03/12/21  100-A
10/14/20 100-A
Palmer Stone/Mainstay  03/18/19 100-A
09/24/19  100-A 
Newton College and Career Academy 04/12/21  97-A
10/26/20  100-A 
Liberty MS 05/25/21 100-A
 11/19/20 100-A
East Newton 05/27/21  97-A
12/09/20 100-A 
Fairview 03/26/21  100-A
10/06/20  100-A 
Clements 02/18/21 97-A
10/06/20 100-A 





The United States Department of Health and Human Services' Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the governmental leader in providing up-to-date information regarding adulterated food and/or beverage products. Newton County Schools in partnership with the state of Georgia's School Nutrition Division and the United States Department of Agriculture stay abreast of food recalls and/or alerts targeting the service of wholesome food and/or beverage products to all of our patronizing stakeholders. Please find the latest food recalls and/or alerts at the following FDA's and/or websites: 



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